Kai Ruhl: Publications

During my PhD programme, I published on interactive spacetime reconstruction, bringing user interaction into stereo 3D, optical flow, and scene flow estimation. All publications have been peer-reviewed.

The following are first-author publications. ACM Multimedia is a top-tier conference with about 22% acceptance rate. CVMP is a film industry-oriented medium-tier conference with about 50% acceptance rate.

2015 Interactive scene flow editing for improved image-based rendering and virtual spacetime navigation.
Kai Ruhl, Martin Eisemann, Anna Hilsmann, Peter Eisert, Marcus Magnor.
ACM Multimedia 2015, 10 pages. [pdf] [bib] [vid]
2013 Cost volume-based interactive depth editing in stereo post-processing.
Kai Ruhl, Martin Eisemann, Marcus Magnor.
CVMP 2013, 6 pages. [pdf] [bib] [vid]
2012 Integrating approximate depth data into dense image correspondence estimation.
Kai Ruhl, Felix Klose, Christian Lipski, Marcus Magnor.
CVMP 2012, 6 pages. [pdf] [bib] [vid]
2012 Improving dense image correspondence estimation with interactive user guidance.
Kai Ruhl, Benjamin Hell, Felix Klose, Christian Lipski, Soren Petersen, Marcus Magnor.
ACM Multimedia 2012, 4 pages. [pdf] [bib] [vid]

My complete publication list is hosted at TU Braunschweig.


2015 Interactive spacetime reconstruction in computer graphics.
Kai Ruhl.
Dissertation, TU Braunschweig, July 2015, 164 pages. [pdf] [bib]