Kai Ruhl: Open Source

Real programmers ship, or so I was told ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I am major or sole contributor to these open source projects.

2015 Kinflow -- Interactive optical flow (2D motion) estimation between two images, with user-guided artifact correction. Python2 with OpenGL/CUDA.
2013 LeadSheet -- Musician's tool to produce nicely formatted PDFs and a song scroller from chords in a TeX-like format. Python2/HTML5.
2010 MonthlyCalendar -- Calendar app with a detailed monthly view, using small fonts and selective magnification. Android4.
2009 JDistUnit -- JUnit extension to distributed testing with easy test deployment. Uses Agentopia for test bytecode transfer. Java5.
2005 Orbiter -- Interactive orbit visualization for user-defined Kepler orbit parameters. Java5, webstart app for Linux, MacOS and Windows.
2001 Agentopia -- Mobile agents framework with low setup costs (no stubs or skeletons). Java5, single JAR for easy deployment.
1999 Coat -- Interactive 2D graph plotting with dynamic coordinate expansion and frequent layout changes, drawing either with Swing or OpenGL. Java4.